Our Team

Our Management Team, initially constituted by a few young lawyers in a law firm seeking to make a difference, has evolved into a group of people from diverse professional backgrounds with a common purpose to give disadvantaged children the opportunity to thrive in life. Our members effectively combine professional work life with the management of our initiatives and are supported by a paid work force that is engaged on a full time basis. Management Team members give their time, skills and contribute significantly from their day job to sustain our work.








Abimbolais a lawyer by day. He is a Co-founder at the Destiny Trust. Abimbolacoordinates the Trust’s overall operation, programmesand strategy development. He seeks avenues to drive or participate in initiatives to guarantee improved quality of life for disadvantaged people and communities.









Kemi manages the Trust’s work force, organizing the administrative functions that support the Trust including record keeping, personnel management and regulatory compliance. She is an in-house Counsel in a wealth management and financial advisory company.








Ikem is a Senior Associate at SimmonsCooper and Co-founder at the Destiny Trust. He advises on strategy at the Destiny Trust. He is also a co-convener of the ActNow Movement and 1000 Points of Light: a summit to awaken youth consciousness and raise a generation of change agents. 








Olawumiis a member of the Care Team and participates in the supervision of the Trust’s welfare programmes. She is an Associate Counsel in a leading law firm. Olawumi also supervises the logistics that support various community outreaches of the Trust.








Bukkycoordinates the Media Team at the Destiny Trust. She was a radio show Anchor and currently a graduate student at University of Ohio where she studies Communication for Development. Bukky is a social media enthusiast. She works on the planning and execution of campaigns and assists in achieving the Trust’s goal of evolving into a self-sustained non-profit.








Ifeyinwa runs campaigns to draw support for the Trust in addressing the problems of child poverty and homelessness. She helps to manageour friendship with individuals and Corporates who care about children and securing the future of the world.









Adegoke is responsible for internal monitoring and financial control at the Destiny Trust. He is anAssociate at Simmons Cooper.


Banke is a member of the welfare team. She oversees all aspects of the Trust’s care programmes for children under the continuing care programme.


Seyi was the Destiny Trust’s Programmes Development Manager through the formative years. He manages the volunteers’ office where he works to engage and integrate volunteers into our work. He is also a member of the media team.


Toyosi is Counsel with Lagos State Ministry of Justice. She works in the media team at the Destiny Trust and helps to develop and manage strategic relationships for the achievement of our goals.


Tope is with a Subsea company in Lagos. At the Destiny Trust, shecoordinates community outreaches and participates as a member of the team planning and monitoring care programmes.