The Kuramo Intervention Project was targeted at rescuing homeless children at the then Kuramo slum. Although a fun hide-out, the relatively subdued reality of some of the beaches is that they are also a haven to squatters, criminals, commercial sex workers and drug addicts. The Lagos shoreline presents an unpleasant metaphor for poverty and social inequity.

Scores of homeless children who have fled home or are orphaned live on the beachfront; begging, hawking, smoking, drinking, doing illicit drugs engaging in commercial sex work. A significant number of these children were displaced from the Kuramo/Bar Beach shoreline, Marwa, Ghetto and other slums along the Atlantic. They remain as exposed, perhaps even more exposed, in the new environment.

The success of this intervention lies in the story of lives that have been transformed from the destitution of life on the beachfront. Through this initiative, the Trust is rehabilitating some of these children and relocating them from the streets. The Trust provides food, clothing, education, health care, guidance, counseling, mentoring and other child protective services to the resettled children in various domestic settings.

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