In addition to providing education sponsorship to homeless children under our foster care, we run an accelerated learning programmeto prepare out-of-school children for schooling before being mainstreamed into formal schools.


Out-of-school children, perhaps due to lack of opportunity of early childhood education, encounter major learning difficulties when they are eventually enrolled in school. This accelerated learning programme focuses on aspects of basic literacy, numeracy, and civic responsibility and prepares children psychologically for schooling. Ultimately, children are enrolled in formal schools. After enrollment, the Trust continues to provide funding and after-school support to these children whose parents are predominantly illiterate and cannot assist with homework.


The relevance of this community-based initiative is the possibility of assisting out-of-school children to develop learning interest and receive foundational education before ultimate enrollment in school. With this preparation, the children can go through the challenges of education in regular schools without any sense of loss or discouragement over what they perceive others know and they do not know.

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