Who We Are

The Destiny Trust is committed to providing care, education, empowerment and the development needs of children and households within vulnerable groups. Whether an abused, abandoned, impoverished or homeless child, we see equal value in all children and work to secure their right to live well and be the best they can be.

We believe every child has the right to an equal chance for the pursuit of happiness regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Through the years, we have seen clear evidence that the impoverished children have limitless potential if given better opportunities. Our passion is to save the destiny of these vulnerable children. We come through for them in areas of greatest need including providing shelter, food, education, guidance, health care, mentoring and other child support services.

We provide children with an atmosphere of love, guidance, and acceptance where they can recreate positive childhood memories and live out their full potential in life, despite the initial negative childhood experiences. Our motivation is the ultimate possibility to transform the life of one child who would be a risk to the society if we do not take this action.