Little means much

I think it is true that the loyalty of very young people can be bought. I once bought silence from my niece for the price of a cold bucket of ice-cream. It cost me nothing, but it meant the world to her. That for me is a reason to fear today, when I consider how children are now being used to fight ideological and religious wars.

When the curious minds of children is not met with good areas to explore, when their cravings are not met with the force of love and charity, they most often will find a warm embrace in the cold hands of evil. And today, it seems those hands are faster than the hands of good. We let the good we want to do reside, grow old, and die in the realms of our minds alone. We often feel we can never do enough, when all we need to do is a little. And the more we delay, more children around us are whisked away by those cold hands. Dreams die.

We hope to continue living, but we do not see that the society around us has changed, made more dangerous by the hardened mind we neglected to touch with the little we had to spare.