Be the difference!

Join the community of 1000 people giving N1000 monthly to educate, feed and shelter homeless children. You have the power to change a child’s life for good forever!

How You Can Help


If you make a one-off donation or give N1000 monthly, you can help put more homeless children in school and feed those living in our shelter.

Make a Bank Transfer:

The Destiny Trust Projects

GT Bank Plc, 0209963873

Spread the word

Be a voice for children in need. Tell a friend about the #1000HelpingHands campaign. Pitch our initiative to your organization as Corporate Social Responsibility. We seek to work with organizations that share our passion to educate, empower and care for orphans and homeless children.

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Join the cause

It takes just you to change a child’s life for good forever! No child should lack education, go to bed hungry or sleep on the streets where there are good people like you. Join others taking action to make real change in the lives of children.

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How we make a difference

We are committed to one cause: enabling every child to be the best he or she can be regardless of where he or she was born. We run integrated initiatives to support children in aspects of their greatest needs- education, food, shelter, care and empowerment.

See how we make a difference with your donation

We provide a loving home to children who have no shelter. Hundreds of children are enrolled in school for the first or assisted to go back to school every year with the proceeds of #1000HelpingHands campaign. Through our empowerment initiative called Kids Innovation Hub, we equip children in foster homes/orphanages, public schools and poor communities with skills in programming, robotics and animation.

See how we make a difference with your donation

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